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The competition among restaurants is fierce, and you’ll need to give it your all. OMC has created RestoMaps, a site that specifically caters to your marketing needs as well as fighting Covid 19. Click below to view our services and products, they will help improve your business and wet the appetite of your potential customers!

About us


Today’s Businesses are facing one of the most challenging economic strains in history. The industry has to deal with multi-level management and competing with thousands of similar businesses, similar products and standards in a global arena. To ensure a constant and efficient presence we must continuously strive to improve our product, service and strategy.

Olton, (Marketing & Communication, OMC) provides solutions and expertise that give our customers superior results in rich media marketing; graphics, social media, web design, video and print. We also offer hosting, e-commerce and a variety other online and offline initiatives and services. Over the years OMC has work with many companies, small, medium and large. We’ve helped establish or enhanced brands, online presence, e-commerce capabilities, and marketing strategies.

Today the environment has become even more unique and Olton has adapted once again. 2020, known as the year of the pandemic has changed business forever. Having interpersonal relationship with your client and your network is vital at a whole new level. This generation and those to come will only understand the world through digital media.

We have adapted, have you?


Imagine. Create. Promote. To design with integrity and deliver marketing tools that help build better businesses.


While maintaining a solid local presence we will expand our reach on a global scale offering comprehensive programs that ensure effective solutions.

The Right
Business Choice

Understanding the constant demands on today’s business has been the trigger that helped propel OMC’s position in this ever changing work place. Serving people first has been in the forefront of this Company’s Mission. Identifying exactly what the individuals needs are and building an effective solution that provide immediate results, supporting their business and personal requirements.


As we have learned over the years it’s not the size, name or brand of the supplier that makes them the right fit. The question was and still is “Can the supplier accommodate our needs at this moment and maintain a solid commitment, service correctly and last but not least,provide an acceptable price (not necessarily the lowest but one that you could live with).” As you grow you may have no choice but to leave some suppliers or otherwise redefine your needs with existing providers, these may sometimes be hard choices but essential for your continued growth.


Being a team player does have its advantages! Promoting continued education, empowering the team, looking for solutions as a group is the difference between profitable success and unfortunate disaster. We have found that using the right tools with the right people has proven to be a quite successful recipe, develop you team to ensure that each individual is able to reach his or her potential, become accommodating to their needs and aim them in the right direction.

We’ve adapted!
Have you?

We’ve adapted our business plan to accommodate your changing market. What have we done? It’s simple, we address your needs head on, maintain your projects budget and deliver on time. You have heard it all before, but it doesn’t stop there! Working with business coaches and continuously upgrading our skills we are able to provide some insight on new trends, marketing initiatives and products that will help sustain your company’s growth and lend a hand to your future successes.

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AR (augmented reality) is a technology that lets you see and interact with digital creations in the real world,
and in real time 3D space, when viewed through your mobile devices!

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Satisfied Customers


Ten Thousand Villages Cobourg

To Brian and the Team at Olton Marketing:

The Board of Directors of Ten Thousand Villages Cobourg asked me to send you a small thank you gift for your tremendous efforts in helping us to move forward with the launch of our webstore last fall. Your time telephone call came at just the right moment and proved to be a lifeline to get us going!

We have appreciated both your advice and expertise at each step of the journey, and your quick and helpful responses to questions whenever they arose. We are delighted to have been the test-case for this new not-for-profit business model that you have developed to aid future clients in the non-profit sector.

Please enjoy this selection of fair trade snacks. We know that your team works remotely from many locations, but we don't know how to thank everyone individually. Perhaps if you have to courier materials to your team members, you can tuck in a chocolate bar for them to enjoy. Otherwise, we hope that the snacks can be enjoyed by the staff at your central office location.

All the best to you in 2022 and for continuing collaboration throughout the coming year.

Derrick and the Board of Villages Cobourg
The Social Tree

I would like to congratulate you and your fantastic team on an amazing job that you have all done on The Social Tree Foundation’s website. It is professional, easy to navigate, inviting and very informative. Both the French and English versions are amazing. I understand how quickly this website has been put together considering that your team has full time work to do apart from helping the Social Tree.

Thank you a million times for your help and patience with the website. It was a lot of hard work but extremely well executed!!

Patricia Lucarelli
Halford Lewis

We first starting working with Brian when we decided to revamp the website of our distribution business. Brian sat down with us to determine what exactly did we require with this site. He helped us develop something that would address the requirements of the business as it was now, but also could grow and expand as needed. He came up with some excellent graphics and picked colours, fonts and pictures that were really attention getting, as well as an accurate portrayal of our product line.

Since then we have worked with Brian on many other business ventures. He has excellent ideas of how to attract the attention of the consumer or client (depending on the nature of the business). He has helped us with Marketing materials and signage for our retail operation, trade show displays for the whole sale business and worked with us to develop another web site for a separate business. In all cases, Brian takes the time to sit down with us and help us determine what exactly we want to accomplish, and what is the message we want to send to the market. At all time he and/or his staff are available to talk to us and help us with any difficulties or changes we need to have done.

I would highly recommend Brian for website development and general marketing ideas.

Halford Lewis
Beyond the Sea Startower

Working with the team at Olton Marketing can be described as Professionalism with a plus.  Staff was very responsive to our needs and very patient during the website development stage.  Deadlines were met, and follow up was exceptional. Our condo website was received with enthusiasm and many compliments - it was a real pleasure to work with Olton Marketing and anyone would do well to engage them as their website developer.

Wendy Burggraf
Barefoot Communications

OMC has been a strong and dependable partner in developing my corporate identity. They designed an attractive website that works, and colourful business cards that get attention. They listened first, then acted - a refreshing approach in today’s marketplace. Their creative concepts took my own ideas to a higher level.

Brent Stumph
Werner Phillips International Corporation

I want to tell you how satisfied and impressed we are with you and your team for all the hard work in helping to get Maison Bramble House back on track. We here at Werner Phillips were unsure how we were going to proceed and you were able to deal with the situation with experience and professionalism. After your initial consultation you started from the ground up to restructure and enhance the presentation of Bramble. You focused on not just the big picture, but every little detail was important. You prepared a step by step program for everyone on our team.

Once agreed upon the plan, it would be the framework to helping to define each of our positions in the company. Your structuring of the administrative duties were not only painless, but a welcomed change. Your ability to make optimal use of social media is very impressive. I would not have thought that social media could have an impact, but you pointed out the many benefits. This wasn’t an easy job to do, it’s one thing to change procedures or to change a web site, but you were able to change people and for that I’m grateful. People are the foundation to any business regardless of what the company does. Your work was not a band-aid solution, nor was it a fancy upgrade; you are able to see strengths in people that they may themselves may not realize they possess. It has been my pleasure to have you involved in our initiative. Your personal dedication and enthusiasm, your professional delivery and creativity made the almost undo-able possible, a success and a pleasure.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Olton Marketing to any company, regardless of size or complexity of any project

William Hodges
RM Recyclage

Nous avons particulièrement apprécié la conscience professionnelle, l’efficacité avec laquelle vous l'avez effectué sans compter l’assiduité et l’originalité de vos idées.
Vous avez également fait preuve, en plus de vos compétences, d'une excellente capacité de réaction en vous adaptant très rapidement à ce qui vous était demandé.

Je tenais pour cela à vous exprimer ma sincère gratitude et mes vives félicitations. J'espère que de votre côté vous avez pris du plaisir à travailler avec nous ,autant que nous en avons eu.
Nous savons que nous pouvons faire appel à vos services en toute confiance, en ayant l'assurance d'un travail de qualité, dans le respect des délais et exigences requis.

Nous vous réitérons donc tous nos remerciements et nos félicitations pour votre contribution à notre entreprise.

Roxanne Paiement
Fluids IQ Inc.

Olton Marketing & Communications provides a professional, on time and flexible service with a personal touch and commitment that is truly hard to find.

Ben Gonshor

I have worked with Olton Marketing for many years now on a wide range of marketing projects spanning print, web, and design services to complete marketing and social media strategies. These projects not only helped us deliver outstanding results and grow the business but they created a partnership that felt like an extension of my own team. What I appreciate most about Brian is a willingness to listen and to find the best solution at the best price.

The OMC team are passionate, hard-working people who love what they do and who have their customers’ success at heart which is why they are such a pleasure to work with.

Frederic Jacques

Our experience with Olton Marketing is nothing short of excellent! They value competitive prices, quality of products and attentive service to their customers. The overall customer care they provide is incomparable and the way they manage our complex requests with ease and professionalism has been a great experience. We are so glad to be doing recurrent business with them and would easily recommend them to everyone. Our mind is at ease knowing we can count on them.

Thank you Olton Marketing for being who you are and doing what you do!


Some of Our Amazing Clients

Some of Our Amazing Clients

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